Microscope camera ProgRes® C5

Easy and Perfect Reproduction of Colors

Digital Microscope Camera ProgRes® C5 Digital Microscope Camera ProgRes®C5
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Making Superior Image Quality Affordable
The digital Microscope camera ProgRes® C5 provides excellent color reprodution, easy handling and high resolution. It offers 5 megapixel resolution and is best-suited for high-quality image documentation and elementary image analysis.

Convenient to Use
Perfect images at the touch of a button are provided by ProgRes® C5 in daily tasks in laboratory routine. The microscope camera is controlled by an intuitive image acquisition software with comprehensive functionality. It works on Microsoft Windows® or Apple Macintosh® operating systems. Many of the established image processing software packages have direct drivers for ProgRes®.

Flexible in Use and Easy to Integrate
ProgRes® C5 works with all contrast methods of light microscopy. It is optionally available with cooling.
Standard interfaces such as C-Mount and IEEE1394™ Firewire connect the microscope camera easily to any microscope and computer.

Digital Microscope Camera ProgRes® C5 - Technical Data

Digital Microscope Camera ProgRes® C5
Digital Microscope Camera ProgRes® C5
Sensor 5.0 Megapixel CCD, Color, 2/3"
Active Area 8.8 mm × 6.6 mm
Sensor resolution 2580 × 1944 Pixel
Pixel size 3.4 μm × 3.4 μm
A/D conversion 3 × 12 Bit RGB
Pixel Clock 12 MHz / 18MHz
Dynamic range 61 dB / 60dB (at 10 ms )
Max. Exposure time 180 s
Max. frame rate 21 fps (644 × 490)
Image resolution 2580 × 1944
Progressive Scan 644 × 490 and 1290 x 972
Binning 2x, 3x, 4x, 5×
Cooling optional
Digital Interface IEEE1394a Firewire
IR-cut-off filter fixed in C-Mount
Optical interface C-Mount (0.63× TV Adaptor recommended)